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Ethnic Churches
Praise God, there are thousands of churches ministering to ethnic populations in North America!

You can search for churches by keyword at the following sites. These sites will do a nationwide search if you enter the people name as a keyword: for example, "Korean" or "Filipino".

UMC9256128-Paul Jeffrey, a large database offered as a service of the American Bible Society.

The Presbyterian Church has a comprehensive directory of PCUSA churches, which you can also search by keyword.

If you're planning a trip overseas, you'll appreciate the directory of English-speaking churches in foreign countries published by International Ministry Fellowship.

Ethnic Harvest maintains a directory of Ethnic and Multicultural Churches in Washington state and in the Washington D.C. area.

Many other sites publish church directories for specific people groups. Please visit Who Lives in Your State? to find links to any directories we have found of ethnic churches in your town or state. If there isn't a directory listed, why not start one?

More information needed!

Wouldn't it be great if we had better information, so people could find an appropriate church easily? If we each share what we know about our own town or organization, we can build a national database which will be a great ministry tool.

Can you research ethnic churches in your area and send us a list that we can publish here?

Or can you approach your denomination for a list of ethnic congregations it serves?

Similarly, if you have an interest in a particular people group, would you consider researching churches that minister to that group in your area?

If you can gather the information, we'll be happy either to publish it here or link to your web site.

We hope you'll write us with what you learn, to help us we minister and share together. You can reach us at

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