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International Travel Tools

Whether you are planning an international trip or communicating with friends and family overseas, these tools will help you manage the practical concerns of currency exchange and time zones.

The World Wide Clock

Essential Information

Books on Travel and Living Overseas

International weather reports from

Traveler's Health advice from the U.S. Government Center for Disease Control.

Travel Page. Information from the U.S. State Dept includes how to contact U.S. Embassies, Consulate Travel Warnings, visa info, U.S. Customs, and more.

Free international maps from

Tips for Americans Traveling Abroad

Cultural Tips for Doing Business Abroad

Directory of English-speaking churches in foreign countries

Books on Travel and Living Overseas

NOTE: The Currency Exchange Calculator is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon for any actual transactions. Please contact your local bank for current exchange rates when you are conducting any business.

The Currency Exchange Calculator

Student Mission Trips

Joshua Expeditions helps organize short-term mission trips for students.

Discount Fares

Clearvista-travel-bids is a great free service which can help you find the best airfare. For more information on how it works, read about Brigada-Travel Bids (same service, different name) at

Notice: The following agencies advertise discount travel fares for missionaries. People have asked me if this is a business. It is not. We don't profit from these links. We have not used these services, and we make no warranties, express or implied. Be sure to investigate any agency carefully (as you would any Internet company) before you do business with it.

Adventure Travel Service advertises discount travel fares for missionaries.

AFC Travel specializes in international travel for missionaries, exchange students and adoptive parents. In business since 1994, their site says, "It is our 'heart' to see that short-term and long-term missionaries are able to travel the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

A&R Associates does 95% of its business with Christian missionaries. exists to help organizations save money on mission travel through discounted international airfare.

World Missions Tours International has been serving missionaries for 30 years.

Travel Insurance

These insurance brokers specialize in helping individuals and groups find affordable coverage for short or long term mission trips.

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