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Norwegian Gospel Resources
A special welcome to all visitors of Norwegian heritage! This page contains links to Bibles, stories and web sites written in Norwegian which tell about Jesus and His love for the people of Norway.

Many followers of Jesus are praying that God will bless the Norwegian people, and some of the links on this page have information to help them learn more about Norwegian language and culture.

Thank you for visiting. May the grace and peace of God be yours today!

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Norwegian Publications About Jesus

The Four Spiritual Laws explains God's plan of salvation in Norwegian.

God's Simple Plan of Salvation presents a simple one-page, Bible-based salvation tract in Norwegian.

Thru the Bible, the classic five-year radio Bible study with Dr. J. Vernon McGee, is broadcast daily on the internet in Norwegian.

GotQuestions.org answers basic questions about Christianity in many languages including Norwegian.

Norwegian Bibles

Online Bibles:

Norwegian Bibles to purchase:
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From Amazon.com:
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Bibles in Your Language can help you find audio, online and print Bibles in 250 languages.

Background Info on the Norwegian People

The SIL Ethnologue reports that 5 million people worldwide speak Norwegian, most of whom (4.2 million) live in Norway. Norwegian-speaking communities can also be found in the U.S., Canada, Sweden and Ecuador.

According to the World Factbook, 86% of the population belong to the Evangelical Lutheran (state) Church, 3% are other Protestant or Roman Catholic, 1% other, 10% none and unknown (1997).

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that over 80,000 people living in the U.S. spoke Norwegian in 1990, making it number 31 on the Top 50 Languages Spoken in the U.S.

One of the best introductions to the culture and customs of Norway is the 4-page Culturegram published by Brigham Young University. You can download a 4-page pdf file for $4.

Information for Churches

Perhaps you've noticed that several Norwegian families have moved into your community. Your church would like to get acquainted with them and find ways to serve your new neighbors. But how can you begin?

Begin by cultivating a loving heart, a listening ear, and the habit of prayer. Look for opportunities to learn about other cultures and develop skills for cross-cultural communication. There are lots of resources on this site, including the article "How to Start a Cross-Cultural Ministry," that can help you prepare to move forward in faith.

The Jesus Film is a great way to share the gospel in the "heart language" of your Norwegian neighbors. Campus Crusade for Christ has produced this beautiful film of the gospel of Luke and translated it into over 600 languages, including Norwegian. Your church can buy a video for less than $20 and sponsor a "Norwegian Night" to show the film and begin a dialogue. Ask Norwegian leaders in the community if they would like to see the film and if they'll help you invite other families.

To order the Jesus Film, visit Jesusfilm.org. Or order by phone from Campus Crusade at 1-800-432-1997.

ChristianAnswers.Net offers gospel coloring pages for kids in Norwegian.

Learn the Language

If you want to honor your Norwegian friends, learn a few phrases in their language.

Here's a free online English-Norwegian-English dictionary.

These are the best-selling Norwegian language books at Amazon.com:

Recommended Reading

Time-Honored Norwegian Recipes Adapted to the American Kitchen
by Erna Oleson Xan
Penfield Press, 1990
In Their Own Words:
Letters from Norwegian Immigrants

by Solveig Zempel (Editor)
Univ of Minnesota Press, 1991
Fodor's Norway
Fodors Travel Pubns, 2000
Living in Norway: A Practical Guide
by Michael Brady, Belinda Drabble
Palamedes Press, 1999

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