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What's New Archives - 1999

Week of December 20, 1999
This week I updated the graphic look of the site, adding photos and a new banner.

ForMinistry, a service of the American Bible Society, is a a church directory site which allows you to search a region by a keyword such as "Korean."

December 13, 1999
This week I added a number of ministry links. Here are a few that really stand out:

North American Missions Board (Southern Baptist) offers an article by Russell Begaye, "How to Participate in Multiethnic Church Planting." as well as brochures specific to working with Asians, African Americans, Europeans, Hispanics, Mid-Easterners, and Native Americans.

"Understanding Ethnic Groups", an article provided by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church with information on the stages of cultural assimilation and more.

Operation Mobilization's Korean-American Mission, a mission partnership between OM and Korean churches, and

Partners in Christ International a group out of Arizona which partners in various projects with churches in Mexico.

I was also pleased to find World Cafe Products, a fun and very graphical secular site with information on every country in the world.

In another major step forward, I set up my master lists of people groups listed by country and by language. These lists are based on excellent information produced for the New York State Education Department. I hope to begin adding links to these lists this week.

December 6, 1999!
This week I worked on adding links to other Christian sites involved in ministry to ethnic Americans, starting with the organizations which participated in the Mission America Ethnic Conference.

New links can be found at:
Creative Ministry Ideas
Links and Resources, and
People Group Info.

November 29, 1999
One of the most important things I added this week was a page of gospel links to offer readers more information on our wonderful Lord.

It was an eye-opener to search the net looking for effective gospel presentations to link to. Sadly, many Christian sites read more like corporate America. They seem to assume that everyone who surfs by already knows the Good News and so they just get on with addressing Christians about their ministry business. I was pleased to find a site called He Invites which offers testimonies from around the world. Another good link, of course, Campus Crusade's Four Spiritual Laws, is now available in 90+ languages.

If you know of other quality gospel sites, please let me know. (And if your Christian organization has a web site, why not check to see if there's a link on the home page to let non-Christians know more about Jesus?)

Also new this week is "The Challenge of the Ethnic Millennium", excerpts from the keynote address of Mission America's Ethnic Network conference.

I've added an image map of the U.S. and have begun to compile statistics under the heading, "Who Lives in Your State?" New demographic info this week includes census information on the nation's largest school districts, courtesy of Council of the Great City Schools.

I also added a brief description of the Ethnic Harvest network which has been meeting in Seattle for ten years!

November 22, 1999
Mission America held a conference last week in Georgia, "Partnering to Reach American's Ethnic Diversity". Leaders from more than 30 denominations and agencies met to plan how they can work together to launch ministries which will "pray for, care for and share Christ with every person in ethnically diverse America."

It was wonderful to see the spirit of cooperation among the various agencies, and exciting to see the new video which is being developed. A follow-up conference is being scheduled for October 2000. I will announce the details as we get closer.

On a personal note, it was a major praise for me to be able to fly down from Seattle to Georgia for the conference. This is a new ministry which does not yet have a funding base, and I felt a clear leading that I should not ask anyone for money to fund the trip. The clear leading was, "If I want you there, I can open the door."

Then a missionary friend asked if I was attending the conference. When I said no, he asked, "Would you be able to attend if I gave you a ticket?" And he gave me all his frequent flier miles! Praise God! Surely He is able to do above all we can ask or think!

November 15, 1999
Basically, everything's new this week! I registered for domain names last week and have been busy setting up the web site structure and navigation. I'm looking forward to developing more content beginning next week.

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