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What's New Archives - 2003

Here's What's New for the Week of June 29, 2003!
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A new addition to our ESL resources page is English in Action by Wally Cirafesi, a Christian-based ESL series which includes the English in Action Teacher's Manual and English in Action Student Workbook.

A Strategic Missionary Vision

by Martin Otto
Piquant Press, 2002

Patrick Johnson, author of Operation World, recommends this book highly. He writes, "What a strategic book! Around 200 of the world`s 238 countries have direct access to the oceans of the world - and these are many of the least evangelized coutries. Reaching seafarers is strategic, but building a network of evangelizers, disciplers and even seafarer congregations in the world`s ports could be even more so! May this visionary book help to encourage this and so contribute significantly to world evangelization. "

Our site has more information, articles, and links about the need for seafarer's ministries at America's port cities.

Week of April 6, 2003

We have a wonderful volunteer who has been working hard to add new languages to our subsite, Bibles in Your Language. Last week, he added information on new translations in Suriname and Guatemala. We've also added a new Site Map which lists the new languages.

Windows on the World
When We Pray, God Works

by Daphne Spraggett, Jill Johnstone
Bethany Press, 2001
For Ages 4 to 8 (and older)

This children's edition of the classic mission book Operation World is a great way to introduce your kids to missions!

Week of March 16, 2003

Can You Count Ten Toes?
by Denis Roche and Lezlie Evans
Houghton Mifflin Co, 1999

This delightful children's books teaches your child how to count from 1 to 10 in ten different languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Russian, Hindi, Hebrew, and even Zulu!

Latino Heritage Bible
World Bible Publishing, 2002

This Bible is designed to meet the unique spiritual and cultural needs of the bilingual and English-speaking Hispanic market. Written in modern English, the book includes devotional contributions from contemporary Christian Hispanics such as singer Jaci Velasquez, evangelist Luis Palau and Rudy Carrasco, associate director of the Harambee Christian Family Center in Pasadena, Calif.

Week of March 9, 2003

The World Bible Translation Center continues to add new Bibles to its site. Currently availabe for free download in Adobe Acrobat format are:
Awadhi New Testament
Bengali New Testament
Brazilian Portuguese New Testament
Bulgarian New Testament
Chinese Bible
English Bible
Gujarati New Testament
Hindi Bible
Kannada Bible
Malayalam Bible
Marathi Bible
Nepali New Testament
Oriya New Testament
Punjabi New Testament and Psalms
Russian Bible
Serbian New Testament
Spanish New Testament
Tamil Bible
Ukrainian New Testament
Urdu New Testament and Psalms

Indian Resources 777 lists over 700 Christian resources for outreach to the people of India.

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