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Racial Reconciliation

"I believe the road to true reconciliation will involve whites coming on our turf, eating our food, listening to our music, and being uncomfortable as they experience faith, history, and culture through our eyes...

"Also, the glass ceiling must be shattered. As long as people of color are not in decision-making positions in churches, parachurch organizations, seminaries, and Christian publications, true reconciliation cannot be complete...

"Minorities have long been learning from white Christians. We have learned their hymns, read their books, practiced their theories. But it is time for whites to recognize they can benefit from minority perspectives on life and faith. If whites do learn from minority Christians, this will enrich, embolden, and strengthen the whole church.

"The shift from whites saying, "What can I do for you?" to "I need you" would signal that perhaps words and deeds are starting to come together. "

Andrés T. Tapia
Christianity Today Magazine

"After the Hugs, What? Next steps for racial reconciliation" This powerful and practical article by Andrés T. Tapia appeared in Christianity Today Magazine, February 3, 1997 Vol. 41, No. 2, Page 54.

"We All Want Unity," describes how the Billy Graham Association worked with black churches and focused on reconciliation at a recent St. Louis crusade. Article © Christianity Today, 1999.

"Reconciling the World Through Painful Stories," tells of the work of Reconciliation Networks of the World, an all-volunteer ministry which focuses on telling how God is healing divisions within the Body of Christ.

In "Breaking the Black/White Stalemate," Jesse Miranda and William Pannell discuss the Hispanic perspective and why racial reconciliation is not just a "black and white" issue. Article from Christianity Today, March 2, 1998 Vol. 42, No. 3, Page 26.

Eight Biblical Ingredients of Reconciliation, from Promise Keepers.

Promise Keepers has a whole section on "The Ministry of Reconciliation," including:

"Five Steps Toward Biblical Reconciliation"
  1. seek God's direction about whom you should get to know, discuss meeting regularly with them;
  2. build trust by sharing common experiences, and commit to pray seriously with and for each other;
  3. be a friend, hear their pain, let God transform bitterness into humility and sensitivity;
  4. become a brother by visiting each others homes and churches, restore respect for one another, and practice mutual repentance and forgiveness for attitudes and actions;
  5. share with others your experience with reconciliation.

"What I am learning about grace lifts a weight from my shoulders, which is nothing short of invigorating. When we can forgive and accept those who refuse to listen to God's command to do justice, it allows them to hear God's judgment without feeling a personal judgment from us. Which, in the end gives our message more integrity. The ability to give grace while preaching justice makes our witness even more effective.

"Reconciliation will ultimately mean not only forgiving and tolerating, but fully embracing each other as brothers and sisters, all of us equally unworthy in the eyes of God."

Spencer Perkins
"Playing the Grace Card"
Christianity Today
Books on Racial Reconciliation

Dr. George Yancey has given us permission to reprint an excerpt from his book, Beyond Black and White: Reflections on Racial Reconciliation, published by Baker Book House in 1996.

Most of these books are available at your local Christian bookstore. Follow the link for more information at (If you choose to buy online, 5% will go to help cover expenses of the Ethnic Harvest ministry.)
Divided by Faith:
Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America

by Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith
(Oxford University Press, 2001)

This books is a challenging examination of the dynamics of race and reconciliation within the evangelical church. The authors make the case that individual repentence and friendships by themselves are not sufficient to address long-standing problems of racism. "As Stokely Carmichael and others have noted, when problems are at least in part structural, they must be addressed at least in part by structural solutions."
United by Faith:
The Multiracial Congregation as an Answer to the Problem of Race

by Curtiss Paul Deyoung
Michael O. Emerson
George Yancey
Karen Chai Kim
Oxford University Press, 2003

A multiethnic group of authors (white, black, asian) explore the need for and benefit of multiracial congregations.
More Than Equals:
Racial Healing for the Sake of the Gospel

by Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice
InterVarsity Press, 2000
Beyond Rhetoric: Reconciliation As a Way of Life
by Samuel George Hines,
Curtiss Paul Deyoung
Judson Press, 2000
Letters Across the Divide:
Two Friends Explore Racism, Friendship, and Faith

by David Anderson and
Brent Zuercher
Baker Book House, 2001
Fulfilling the Dream:
Confronting the Challenge of Racism

by Ronice Branding
Chalice Press, 1998
Moving Mountains: The Principles and Purposes of Leon Sullivan
by Leon H. Sullivan
foreword by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.
Judson Press, 2000
Healing Americas Wounds:
Discovering Our Destiny

by John Dawson
Regal Books, 1997
Passing by Samaria
by Sharon Ewell Foster
Multnomah Publishing, 2000

Award-winning fiction about racial reconciliation in turn-of-the-century Chicago.
The Seed of a Nation: Reconciling with the Birth of America
by Darrell Fields
Covenant Press, 2000
Building King’s Beloved Community:
Foundations for Pastoral Care and Counseling with the Oppressed

by Donald M. Chinula
foreword by Howard Clinebell
United Church Press, 1997
No reader rating
Enter the River:
Healing Steps from White Privilege toward Racial Reconciliation

by Jody Miller Shearer
foreword by Michael Banks
Herald Press, 1994
No reader rating
King Among the Theologians
by Noel Leo Erskine
foreword by Bernice A. King
Pilgrim Press, 1995
No reader rating
Ending Racism in the Church
edited by Susan E. Davies
and Sister Paul Teresa Hennessee
United Church Press, 1998
No reader ratings
No picture
Coming Together:
The Bible’s Message in an Age of Diversity

by Curtiss Paul DeYoung
foreword by Cain Hope Felder
Judson Press, 1995
No reader rating
The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu

by Michael Battle
foreword by Desmond Tutu
Pilgrim Press, 1997
No reader rating
No picture
What Christians Should Know About Reconciliation (48-pg booklet)
by John Dawson
Gospel Light Publications, 2000
No reader reviews
No picture
Uncovering Racism
from the Covenant Bible Studies series

by Kathryn Goering Reid
and Stephen Breck Reid
Brethren Press, 1999
No picture
O Lord, Move this Mountain:
Racism and Christian Ethics

by E. Hammond Oglesby
foreword by Walter Brueggemann
Chalice Press, 1999
No reader rating
No picture
Show No Partiality, from the Faith Crossings series
by Michael E. Dixon
Chalice Press, 1999
No reader ratings

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